Sailcloth Tents

With elegant lines, magical glow, and poetic look, our sailcloth tents provide the perfect setting for your special day.  The sculpted peaks and eaves, with a hint of nautical flare, combine to create an open air event space like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  The translucence of the sail cloth fabric richly enhances daytime events with natural, warm, light, and dramatically glows when lit for evening gatherings.  Whether it’s along the coast, on a vineyard, or in the beauty of your own backyard, our tents can tailor the custom and unique feel you are trying to capture.

The Tidewater sailcloth tent fabric is waterproof and built strong to help assure the most important day of your life is not affected by the elements. These tents are built from a lightweight sailcloth material which allows for a natural warm toned light during daytime events, and when lit, positively glows during evening and nighttime events. We also offer multiple styles of sidewall protection to be there just when you need it or ready to fully enclose your event space during colder times of the year.

Below is a listing of the different sizes of tents we offer. As many of our locations offer different products specific to the needs of each region, you should contact your local service office to inquire about specific items you may need.  Sample event layouts (See "downloads" on the right of the page) are provided to give you an idea of how you can stage tables, chairs, bars and other items within the different sizes available. As a general rule for event planning, you should plan on about 15sqft of space per person when seated at tables. You would also want to add for any space needed for food service, dance floors, lounge areas, stages, bars, etc.

Sizes Available:

20' Wide Tents: These tents are generally used in conjunction with larger tents and often are used as bar tents, or smaller shade coverings. 20x17 (260sqft), 20x27 (460sqft), 20x37 (660sqft)

32' Wide Tents: These tents are used in conjunction with larger tents to cover bar areas, kitchen areas, lounge areas, and head tables, but they are also used for smaller events or more intimate gatherings where a larger sized tent is not required. 32' x 30' (760sqft), 32' x 40' (1093sqft), 32' x 50' (1417sqft), 32' x 60' (1740sqft)

44' Wide Tents: These tents are most often used as the focal point for the event for cocktail receptions and as the main dining tent. 44' x 43' (1519sqft), 44' x 63' (2413sqft), 44' x 83' (3308sqft), 44' x 103' (4203sqft), 44' x 123' (5098sqft)

51' Wide Tents: These tents are used as the focal point for larger events for cocktail receptions and as the main dining tent. 51' x 51' (2011sqft), 51' x 71' (3036sqft), 51' x 91' (4061sqft), 51' x 111' (5086sqft), 51' x 131' (6111sqft)

59' Wide Tents: These are the largest tents we offer. These offer the potential for hosting very large events for several hundred guests. The twin pole design of this size allows for a clear space through the center of the tent, which works well for dance floors, and other seating arrangements. 59' x 59' (3065sqft), 59' x 79' (4238sqft), 59' x 99' (5411sqft), 59' x 119' (6583sqft), 59' x 139' (7756sqft)